Apatchy London prides itself on the unique range of personalised bags and personalised gifts we have created since starting in the UK in 2009. In recent years especially, personalisation has almost become a bit of a requirement when it comes to gifts and presents. Here at Apatchy we couldn’t think of a more heartfelt and personal gift than a personalised item with YOUR name on it. This is why all our bags feature a ‘style area’ that can be personalised or customised with our unique gripper patches. You simply grip them on – they require no ironing, no gluing and no sewing – what could be easier!

If an order is made not requiring gift wrapping, our bags and cases are sent out without any personalisation. Gripper patches are individually packaged and sent with the bag, ready to be gripped onto the style area, by you, (no gluing, stitching or ironing required!). If gift wrapping is selected we affix the patches with a note to the recipient stating that the patches can be easily removed and rearranged.  Every product has a different sized style area and this is shown on the individual product description. Please note that whilst other patches are available to purchase as an alternative, only the specified number of patches indicated on the style guide will fit at any one time.

All patches are backed with Apatchy’s innovative ‘micro-gripper’ (similar to ‘Velcro’) to give a secure and streamline attachment……that is, until you want to change it! As all our patches are totally interchangeable they can be used across the entire Apatchy collection.