About Us

Apatchy London was founded in the UK in 2009, and broke into the Australian market in 2014, based in Melbourne.  It truly kick-started with the invention of the Apatchy pencil case, which flooded the local schools like a storm!  Nowadays, Apatchy has become well known as a brand with a broad range of products to suit all ages and interests, from sophisticated make up pouches to stunning large bags perfect for travelling, school and all sports.  All Apatchy bags can be instantly personalised with a unique range of gripper patches, demonstrated in the ‘Personalisation‘ section of our website.

Whilst the company has expanded and developed at a rapid pace in the last two years, our inspiration and ethos remains the same.  We continue to be influenced by what’s traditionally British and Australian.  All our products are designed with pride, which extends to the standard of our products by using the finest quality materials, and a great team that delivers exceptional customer service.

In Australia, Apatchy has had a phenomenal reception, thanks to the uniqueness of our products and our dedication to our customer service.  Each year we launch new products, drawing on fashion trends at the time, and ensuring that the new range complement products on our shopfront.

We hope that you too are as fond of the Apatchy London range, as we are, and whether they are purchased for individual use or as gifts, they are sure to be well used and loved by all!

Your feedback is important to us, and we love hearing from our customers – so please do get in touch!